Thai fisherman pants, Meditation clothing

22.50 USD
Cotton Thai fisherman pants with beautiful fold over flap. Good to wear as a pants for meditation clothing. A cheap yoga pants, an inexpensive maternity clothes for any pregnancy with lots of colors to choose from. Please state the colors you need to order.

Waist  (Adjustable): Up to 54"
Length  (Adjustable): Up to 40" 

2 pairs = $42.00 ($21.00 each)
3 pairs = $58.50 ($19.50 each)
5 pairs = $90.00 ($18.00 each)

*** Warning***

1.Please wash the pants separately, esp for the first time. An item will lose color for at least the first several washings. If there is any doubt, wash separately or only with like colors at least the first few times. 

Advice: add some salt in the water for the fist time washing to reduce the losing of colors  

2. Preferably washing all cotton pants by hands.

3. Wash your cotton pants by washing machine with the setting of “Normal wash or Permanent press/Wrinkle resistant”

4. Wash in cold water.